Luminous Landscapes
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 A film production boutique based in northern Sweden

Fusing light and movement through time and space


Capturing photography in motion is equally about composition, using light and seeing the story unfold in front of the lens – as it is understanding the unique combination of sensor types, the camera glass, what it does and everything that goes in between; characteristics, emotions and memories, cause, what story are we telling?


While it’s easy to talk about looks it’s way more interesting to think about tonality. How light reflects of skin, the richness and depth of ocean water or how a mindset can expand into a scene through colour – or the lack thereof. How we see tells us so much about what we see – colour grading embraces that vision.


There is an equal number of methods to communicate as there are ways to experience. Every road to immersion is driven by an agile development process, from creative direction to implementation. While vision and code make it happen it is by asking how and why that take us there. We do both.

Storytelling with a vision

Storytelling isn’t just something I do, it’s who I am. It is said that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, and I firmly believe this stands true in the collaborative art of filmmaking. Contributing with equal parts of passion and vision I purposefully celebrate co-creation, collectively transforming ideas into true experiences. As a maker of images I am compelled to touch lives in an inspiring way, as a human I strive to leave lasting impression both on and off set. Comfortable in chaos and trusted in the creative process – I am genuinely excited to bring stories to life.

About Michael Tebinka

Michael Tebinka (former: Larsson) is a Director of Photography & Freelance Colourist based in Gävle, Sweden. At the forefront of artistic and technical development in moving images, Michael’s work spans across Feature Films, Documentary and Commercial. Some of the international brands he has worked for include Sony Music, EMI, Warner, Lyra, Singapore Telecoms, ASEAN Para Games; including commissioned works for Nuit Blanche in Paris and Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens.

Specialised in digital cinema cameras and with an extensive skill-set in color grading and immersive environments, Michael shares his experience and knowledge of these areas through keynotes, workshops, in academia and social media.

Trained in Singapore & London respectively, he has successfully developed a visual language that fuse light and movement into a form that is much appreciated by his audience.

Michael’s works are characterised by a distinct aesthetic sensitivity, technical proficiency and a unique poetic vernacular. His dedication to artistic and technical development of digital film has contributed to his extensive experience in both production and post, making him highly responsive to ever changing conditions and challenges on set and in post-production.

Michael is a member of the Association for Independent Filmmakers (OFF) in Sweden, Member of Digital Cinema Society, Associate Member of Colorist Society International (CSI), Member of the Medeaelectronique Artist Collective and Associate Visual Director at Philbeat, Singapore.

International brands that I have worked with

Michael Tebinka is a Sweden-based director of photography and freelance colourist. Ohsoweird is a film production boutique located in Gävle, Sweden.


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