Perhaps (Was too proud to love you)

What We Did

On a cold January day in north Sweden we set aim at an abandoned two-story house. Here we found hidden spaces, doors leading to other confined rooms. Stairs suddenly disappearing in front of our eyes. But one thing brought this space together, the way light scattered and illuminated the faintest corners – making room to tell the story of ‘Perhaps’, connecting this place with the imaginary – and imagination with memory.

The video is based on a dream I have had for years. I’m in this empty house and I’m looking for someone who’s always disappearing. – Ida Long


Client: Ida Long
Production: Ohsoweird
Director of Photography: Michael Tebinka
Ida Long
Michael Tebinka

Michael Tebinka is a cinematographer and freelance colourist based in Sweden.


Baringo Reklam & Kommunikation
Kyrkogatan 24b
Gävle, Sweden