What We Did

Monotonia is an audiovisual projection mapped installation/sculpture. It formed part of the opening of Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens in December 2010.

Triggered by the meaning of the word ‘monotony’, a dialogue between Manolis Manousakis from Greece and Michael Tebinka from Sweden was established οriginating from Kvafis’ ‘Monotonia’ and Vanegeim’s ‘The revolution of everyday life’. Τhese two writings acted as departure points for a conversation surrounding four identified thematics; liminality, condition, illusion and obstruction.


2014 – Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens, Greece) [14.04.2014 – 14.06.2014]
2011 – Athens Video Art Festival (Athens, Greece) [20-22.05.2011]
2010 – Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens, Greece) [11-12.12.2010]

Concept: Michael Tebinka & Manolis Manousakis
Production Design: Manolis Manousakis
Video art & Animation: Michael Tebinka, Kleopatra Korai (Lokey)
Music / Sound Installation: Manolis Manousakis
Installation: Christos Laskaris
Actors: Maria Goula, Yannis Evangelidis

Technical details: Duration 30 mins. 3 ch (18 surfaces) video projection mapped installation with 7.1 ch surround sound. Suspended in triangular configuration or in triptych configuration.

Michael Tebinka is a cinematographer and freelance colourist based in Sweden.


Baringo Reklam & Kommunikation
Kyrkogatan 24b
Gävle, Sweden