Koumaria: Improvising Across Boundaries in New Media Art and Community

What We Did

Koumaria: Improvising Across Boundaries in New Media Art and Community, traces the history and development of the Koumaria Arts Residency via interviews, performance footage, animation and in situ footage. Run by the Athens-based new media art collective Medea Electronique, the annual Koumaria residency draws an international group of new media artists to an isolated olive oil farm in Southern Greece for the creation of collective cross-arts projects grounded in an improvisatory philosophy. This film documents the artistic, social and personal aspects of the residency, exploring how community forms around the creation of new media art.

The art-works and performances shown are all collectively created by the participants of the Koumaria: Improvised New Media Art Residency.

For more information about the Koumaria Residency, please visist: koumaria.gr
For more information about Medea Electronique, please visit: medeaelectronique.com


Client: Independent production
Produced by: Medea Electronique with the support of the International Institute For Critical Studies In Improvisation (ICASP)
Kleopatra Korai
Executive Producer: Eric Lewis
Director of Photography: Michael Tebinka
Additional photography: Shahir Omar, Clara Bianchi, Eric Lewis, Gwenn Joyaux, Kleopatra Korai
Editor: Kleopatra Korai
Sound design: Manolis Manousakis
Sound Mastering: Kostas bokos – Studio 19
Graphic Design: Yannis Lolis
Colourist: Michael Tebinka

Michael Tebinka is a Sweden-based cinematographer and freelance colourist. Ohsoweird is a film production boutique located in Gävle, Sweden.


Kyrkogatan 24b
Gävle, Sweden