J (Feat. Louise Lemón)

What We Did

Inspired by Lehnberg’s J, one of four songs on Namah takes the listener on a journey through light and movement. Departing from an exploration with a torch light in the Swedish winter forest; images came about and were tied together like the process of thought – one leading to another. The resulting film was made from this organic process where one space informs the next and where chance – or possibly a hybrid between immediate inspiration and improvisation lead to the creation of a storyline unfolding. J is a journey through light, movement and life.


Artist/Client: Lehnberg/Lamour Records
Production: Ohsoweird
Director of Photography/Editor/Colourist: Michael Tebinka

Michael Tebinka is a cinematographer and freelance colourist based in Sweden.


Baringo Reklam & Kommunikation
Kyrkogatan 24b
Gävle, Sweden