What We Did

When conceptualising the music video for Home we focused on the idea of a “projected image”, both internally as well as externally – in your mind as well as an immersive sensation. The feeling of transporting oneself – between spaces and through memories and being able to do so when and wherever you are. Elin, one half of The Deer Tracks described Home as a form of connectedness to ones’ space – especially when you travelling – and you feel an instant of longing for home.

Låten Home är om en hemlängtan som är värd att skämmas över. Om att vara så privilegierad och få resa till spännande länder, men ändå i ett svagt ögonblick önska att allt var precis som hemma. – Elin Skeppstedt


Artist/Client: The Deer Tracks/Lamour Records
Production: Ohsoweird
Director of Photography: Michael Tebinka
Viktor Zeidner
Michael Tebinka

Michael Tebinka is a cinematographer and freelance colourist based in Sweden.


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Gävle, Sweden