Dagslåneräntan (Nima Khak Remix)

What We Did

On September 16, 1992, Sweden’s central bank momentarily raised the interest rate to 500% as a way to stop the outflow of Swedish currency and speculation on its value. The track – Dagslåneräntan, makes direct reference to the event through spoken quotes by politicians and bankers. Departing from a graph illustrating the development of interest rate in Sweden – a robot is set loose to autonomously overlay and further speculate on alternative economic development.


Artist/Client: Motormännen/Lamour Records
Production: Ohsoweird
Director of Photography/Editor/Colourist: Michael Tebinka


Michael Tebinka is a cinematographer and freelance colourist based in Sweden.


Baringo Reklam & Kommunikation
Kyrkogatan 24b
Gävle, Sweden